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22nd May 2016

Is anyone interested in us assembling squads and scrimming some other clans?

Please leave any suggestions or comments below, but don't talk about who we should have in squads, in case we scrim someone and they come on our forums. Anyways, I was thinking we could start a private chat or talk on TS.

For anyone interested please leave a comment below. We need at 10 people, along with some extras in case someone can't get online when we play. I'm thinking maybe if we have more than 1 and have 2 extras, 2 can skip that game and will play the next time. Also, we maybe get a tournament going sometime.
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22nd May 2016
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22nd May 2016

I'm in
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22nd May 2016

I do

Joined: 12th Mar 2016
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24th May 2016

I'd prob be up for it
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29th May 2016

Im in!
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30th May 2016

Boat me in.
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2nd Jun 2016

I think that would be awesome lets set a time for like a window of 2 to 4 hours on a week end day may be every weekend or like first Saturday of the month third Wednesday of the month something like that post in game chat post on other servers
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