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28th Jun 2016

I was on the server last night, and it was running pretty poorly. It seems that our server is having issues with the large number of high ping foreign IPs.  I ended up kicking 10 people who were over 200 ping to test it out, and it ran smoothly again until half of them rejoined. I really think we need to implement a ping kicker with a whitelist. We are losing a lot of regulars because it is near impossible to play the game when it is that choppy, plus a few new Naval servers have popped up. Thoughts?
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28th Jun 2016

Back in the day when I had time to Admin/Play, I gave up kicking EVERY High pinger 200 or over. One day, like you, I gave up playing just kick high pingers ALL night. I even tried permanently banning the worst ping offenders They just kept coming back with new New B4 accounts,

Thankfully, my computer is pretty kick ass with my GTX 970. This, coupled with my low convention lets my PC run smoothly during the WORST server lag. I admit not everybody is lucky enough to have a GTX 970 or low ping connection.

The trick is to PLAY more than you admin. F-CK those other Start-UP Naval servers. Our server has been around longer and has more of a following. Don't worry to much about the lag complainers. They ALWAYS come back.

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12th Jul 2016

doles the server get a restart, and a good cleaning every day ? just wondered.
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14th Jul 2016

There is a ping limit set on server 250 . We played all weekend full server no ping at all .
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