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Hi Guys Sorry for the long Hiatis
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28th Nov 2015

Hi Guys,

Thanks for keeping me a member of DOG

I have been Gone for a long time and had 8 Surgery's since I have missed gaming and talking to you guys

I do not even remember my log in for BF4 

I am playing Battlefront and would be happy to play with you all agian , My name is FragnFap please add me so we can have fun

I may seem out of it at times as I am on heavy meds but I will always laugh when you kill me   as always

I am trrying to log into the teamspeak server but it s down

I found this free server if you want to join me https://www.gamevox.com/G ... HSX-5CE

Hope to hear all your voices again 

Sorry to ramble and I am not sure this even made sense but I am getting better


Semper Fi

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