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6th Apr 2016

Hi guys,

I had a quick question. I currently have an i5 4690(locked) and an ASUS GTX 750Ti. I would like to upgrade to an EVGA  GTX 950. If I do this will my CPU bottleneck? If not, Will it Bottleneck with 2? 

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6th Apr 2016

Like to help, but thats over my head.


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14th Apr 2016

I doubt you will bottle neck your cpu with better vid cards. Your CPU affects your speed on loading into maps more so then anything else. But, keep in mind if you SLI or Crossfire you will only get use of the processor of the second card. You will not utilize the video RAM on second vid card. You are better off getting one card with twice the video RAM.
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17th Apr 2016

just seeing if it works
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